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Lifecycle Events

Rabbi Malka specializes in creating personalized

rituals and ceremonies for all occasions, including:

  • Baby Namings

  • Bris Ceremonies

  • Adoption Rituals

  • Bat/Bar Mitzvah/ Coming of Age Ceremonies

  • Choosing and Affirming a Jewish Life

  • Funerals

  • Memorial Services

  • Creating New and Meaningful Rituals and Ceremonies 


Baby Naming & Welcoming Ceremonies

Rabbi Malka will lead a personalized, meaning ceremony to welcome your baby into your family and your community at your home or event space. 



Rabbi Malka officiates at Jewish, interfaith, interherritage, intercultural, non-religious, non-traditional and LGBTQ weddings. Her passion is co-creating meaningful, unique, and joyous ceremonies that reflect the personalities and values of the couple. Rabbi Malka also offers pre-marital counseling.


Creative Bar/ Bat/ B'Nai Mitzvah & Coming of Age Ceremonies

Rabbi Malka works with Jewish, Intercultural, Dual-faith, Mixed Heritage, Jew-ish families to create a special ceremony to mark the transition into Jewish adulthood. Rabbi Malka will also consult on your child's learning and preparation plan.

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