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for Rabbi Malka

Maya & Scott

"Rabbi Malka was a blessing from the heavens! My husband and I come from different backgrounds and practice various forms of spirituality. Malka fluidly wove the textures of our backgrounds and current beliefs into a contemporary Jewish wedding ceremony. We were happy and so were our families! Not only did she make the ceremony heartfelt, relatable and intimate, she spent many months together with us in private sessions, getting to know us and helping us better understand each other."

Micah & Jason

"My husband and I could not have been more pleased with the experience of working with Rabbi Malka. As a same-sex couple, we wanted a traditional Jewish but also modern and wedding, and she helped guide us until we had planned the perfect ceremony that included all of the elements that were important to both of us. During the ceremony, she sang and spoke about our love story, we circled each other, we drank wine, broke glasses, and danced our way out of the ceremony. It was truly unforgettable."

Becky & Femi

"Rabbi Malka is the special ingredient in every wedding ceremony you never knew you needed. She combined warmth, love, humor, and tradition. She perfectly explained each ritual in our wedding so our guests felt welcomed and included. She was open to tailoring every part of the ceremony so it was unique to us. There wasn't a dry eye in the house, including the groom! If you want a memorable wedding, you NEED to work with Rabbi Packer-Monroe!"

Kate's Bat Mitzvah

Rabbi Malka was responsive to our objectives and the experience we wanted to create for ourselves and our community. She brought a spirit of joy and openness to this experience— coaching and coaxing as needed until Kate was confident about her Bat Mitzvah service and knowledgeable about its place in her life as a person, a woman and a member of the Jewish community. Perhaps most importantly, Kate grew through the experience, becoming more aware of her origins, her values and her gifts.

Hila & Mac

"We love Rabbi Malka! We love her ideals, what she stands for, and how special she made our wedding ceremony. She really got to know me and my now husband, and made our ceremony extremely personal. She's in charge of the Atlanta chapter of the non-profit 18Doors, and we have even gotten involved in some of their events like Couples Challah making. She made us feel more connected to our religion and the community, and we cannot recommend her enough to other Jewish and interfaith couples."

Holli & Rainer

"Years after our wedding, our friends and family still bring up our wonderful rabbi. From our first phone call, we felt secure that we had found the right person to help us create our ceremony. Malka was a guide, a teacher and a reassuring voice. Her beautiful suggestions helped make the traditions true for us and made our ceremony meaningful and memorable. Every time we felt overwhelmed, anxious or stressed, we'd speak to her and our tension would turn to excitement!"

Catie & Dom

"Rabbi Malka was a true blessing. We met with Rabbi Malka regularly to talk about our relationship, wedding plans, and everything that came along with getting married. On the actual wedding day, she was communicative, supportive, and incredibly gentle as we walked through all of the feelings. She incorporated so many special and personal moments into our ceremony, including sentimental items from family members that passed. She was thoughtful and encouraging and made the experience fun for us."

Amy & Justin

Rabbi Malka made sure to get to know us and understand us as a couple. We met in person every time we were in town (we live out of town) during our engagement, and spoke on Skype as well. We felt comfortable with her and she made everything easy, worry-free, and fun. She ensured that our ceremony was everything we wanted, allowing us to mix and match traditional and alternative elements in a way that was most meaningful to us. She made our ceremony feel very intimate, warm, and special."

Will's Bart Mitzvah

Thank you so much for leading Will's Bar MItzvah. You have such a special, peaceful way of making everything beautiful. We had so many compliments on the service from people of all faiths who found it so personal and lovely.

Chelsea & Scott

"Thank you Malka Packer-Monroe for making our ceremony so special! You did an amazing job and everyone was so moved by your words and the ceremony as a whole. Your explanations of the Jewish traditions really connected my very Catholic family and friends of other faiths. People were coming up to us during the reception saying they've never seen a wedding like it and that it was beautiful. It was everything we asked for and more."

Tatenda & Jonathan

"We were incredibly fortunate to have had Rabbi Malka at our wedding ceremony. She took us on with short notice (after Covid-19 had disrupted previous wedding plans) and moreover produced a beautiful ceremony! As we are an interfaith couple, we had a co-officiated service to ensure that both faiths were fully represented with respect. Rabbi Malka seamlessly entwined heart felt personal messages into the service, as if she were an old friend sharing loving as well as hysterical memories."

Erica & Steve

"My husband, family and I cannot say good enough things about Rabbi Malka! She helped us navigate the murky waters that can be interfaith weddings and relationships. From the moment we met her, we felt comfortable, supported and welcomed. She helped us create a ceremony that was uniquely ours and felt authentic. We have been told how beautiful the ceremony was because it was so personal to us. We are so glad she was a part of our special day and will hopefully stay a part of our life!"


Why can’t I have a testimonial on your site? I can tell your whole story. I can explain clearly you are the best choice for a rabbi.

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